Semalt – a World Renown Digital Agency

Semalt is a world-renown digital agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Website Analytics. From the moment you click on their website, it is clear that they have a deep understanding of how to attract attention online with their carefully parsed content, direct call to actions, and apt use of colour. With a team of accomplished professionals that are fluent in multiple languages, it is easy to see why Semalt has hundreds of positive reviews and results from all over the world. Oh, and you cannot forget to say hi to Turbo the Turtle!

Before we jump into their packages, let's break down everything that they do.

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is actively increasing the traffic directed at your website by increasing your page's visibility on a Search Engine. In order to appear in a user's Search Engine Result, your page will need to be Indexed. Indexing is the process of a Search Engine collecting information with a Spider (also known as a Bot or a Crawler) so it can organize the content for relevance against everything else in its database. In order for a Spider to find your page, they will need to discover your link while it is exploring another website. This discovery is called Backlinking.

Once a Spider finds your page, it will collect every ounce of information it can find until it is Backlinked away from your site. The Search Engine will then give your content a relevance score, which could help or hurt your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) placement. When a Search Engine is ranking your page, it will judge the following items:
  • Content Language: Can the user read your content?
  • Content Relevance: Is your content relevant to the search term?
  • Body Text: How close does your content match a search term?
  • Page Title: What is the focal point of your article?
  • Images and Graphics: Does the visual material support your content?
  • Location: Is your content location dependent? 
With all of your SEO lined up properly, you should have a steady stream of potential clients clicking through your website. But how can you indefinitely tell that your website is reaching its target audience? Not just that, but how can you tell if your audience is reacting the way that you want them to? Sure, we can always look at your sales report and judge off of that. But all a sales report tells you is how much money you have made. If you truly want to understand how a customer is reacting to your website, you will need to dig deep into a Web Analytics program.

Web Analytics are used to measure, collect, and analyze reports with the desire to understand your audience's habits so you can properly optimize your website. These programs will give you key information on the following items.
  • Demographics
  • Geographic Location
  • Traffic Source
  • Click Analytics
  • Bounce Rate
  • Total Number of Unique Visits
  • Total Number of Repeat Visits 
 That is a lot of information to sift through! But it is important for you to have this as it will help you optimize your web presence to the fullest. With Web Analytics, you can make a precise decision on the following:
  • Decide which keywords are driving traffic to your site.
  • Decide which product is gathering the most attention.
  • Alter prices based off of customer interaction.
  • Spot opportunities to improve.
  • Create content geared towards your demographic.
While it is possible to do all of this yourself, it will take time for you to fully optimize your business. Just like in real life, you will always attract more window shoppers than you will actual customers. So you need to put your best effort forward to draw in as many people as possible. And that is why you should hire Semalt! 

If you look at their cases page, they have helped hundreds of companies all over the world obtain the click-through numbers necessary to profit. Each case has a link that goes into the following: 
  • Project Details
  • Final Results
  • Client Recommendation
  • Project Description
  • Work Overview
  • Before and After Metric Sheets

As you can see in the clip I provided above, Semalt increased these companies monthly visitor count from 114 users to 1,771 users! That is 15 times the number of users they had previously! This is what that customer had to say about their results:

And if the written reviews and hard numbers are not enough, Semalt also has a page dedicated to video reviews. These reviews have come from satisfied customers all over the world!

So how can Semalt give you the same results? The first thing you can do is take advantage of their trial offer that Yavuz from did. As soon as you click on, you will find a bar that will instantly analyze your website. In order to see this report, all you have to do is create an account. This report will summarize the results it found on your webpage and recommend a package that would help increase these results. Those packages include AutoSEOFullSEO, and Analytics.

AutoSEO gives you the following tools:
  • Website Visibility Improvement
  • On-page Optimization
  • Linkbuilding
  • Keyword Research
  • Web Analytics Reports 
These are the building blocks necessary to launch a successful SEO campaign! Even if you are learning SEO as you go, the tools available to you in the Auto SEO package are easy to apply to your website. This is the most affordable, quick, and effective package Semalt offers.  

You can purchase a 14 day trial for 99 cents. After that, you can purchase monthly bundles for the following prices:
  • 1 month for $99
  • 3 months for $267
  • 6 months for $504
  • 1 year for $891 
The FullSEO package has one of Semalt's accomplished professionals do the following:
  • Internal Optimization
  • Website Error Fixing
  • Content Writing
  • Link Earning
  • Support and Consultation 
With this plan, Semalt's goal is to push your website to the very top of the SERPs. One of their accomplished professionals is assigned to your page so they can use all of the resources at their disposal to make your page overwhelmingly successful. As you have seen above with, they can jump right into the page and start working their magic instantly.

And just in case you want to know a little more about their professionals, you can find their images all over the website. For example, Yana Shafarenko (SEO Expert) and Natalia Khachaturyan (Content Strategist) are displayed as “on guard for your rankings” on the front page of Semalt's website. Below them is a list of accomplishments that they have achieved while working for Semalt.

Several of their experts are also writing articles for Semalt's blog. Vladislav Polikevych (Copywriter), Olga Pyrozhenko (Marketing Manager), and Eugene Serbin (Head of SEO) have written several articles on current SEO trends and taking advantage of your market. And did I mention that they have 26 pages of blog articles? With five articles on each page and two articles on the last, that is a total of 127 articles (as of right now) that are available FOR FREE! Between their customer testimonies and the articles they are providing for free in their blog, you have plenty of resources that you can reference before you make the decision to purchase Semalt's Full SEO package.

The Full SEO package varies between clients, so, unfortunately, I cannot give you a direct price. But as I have mentioned above, the staggering amount of positive reviews and successful campaigns speaks to how valuable Semalt's Full SEO package is worth. They also offer discounts if you sign up for a monthly subscription:
  • 3 months give 10% off
  • 6 months give 15% off
  • 12 months give 25% off

 And lastly, there is Semalt's Web Analytics package, which includes the following services: 
  • Website ranking check
  • Unveil website visibility
  • Explore competing websites
  • Identify on-page optimization opportunities
  • Receive comprehensive web ranking reports 
This is the package that tells you if all of your work is leading you to success or revealing you have more work to do. Without this knowledge, you cannot possibly propel your website to the top of the SERPs, or stay at the top if you are already there. Knowledge is power. And with that power, you can do some of the following: 
  • Scope out your competition to see what they are doing
  • Compare your keyword research with what is trending currently
  • Discover opportunities within your own website 
In regards to pricing, they offer packages that have a keyword and package limit. They look like this: 
  • $69/month for 300 keywords, 3 projects, and 3 months of position history
  • $99/month for 1,000 keywords, 10 projects, and 1 year of position history
  • $249/month for 10,000 keywords, unlimited projects, and an unlimited position history 
If you sign up for multiple months, you can save the following: 
  • 3 months give 10% off
  • 6 months give 15% off
  • 12 months give 25% off 
Between all of the positive reviews that Semalt proudly displays on their website, the blogs and accolades belonging to their accomplished multi-lingual professionals, and their affordable pricing, it is easy to see why Semalt is one of the best digital agencies in the world. Just from browsing their website, you can see that they truly care about what they are doing for the SEO and Analytics